Kindergarten level: Montessori classes

From 4th year to 6 years old: pupils practice activities around workshops... 

Middle and high school

In middle school we give more importance to maths and languages. Some national results BEM...
In high school, we focus our courses on topics of specilities (mathematics, physics, biology, accounting...). Some national results Baccalaureat...


Using competency approach, portfolio is used to follow pupils and students progress.... 

Al Awael-Online classes : Google classroom
Primary level

Montessori classes continue at this level specially in mathematics, we try to make studies Fun..

If you are a student at Al Awael school, you can also follow courses in online classes. 

If you are not a student of Al Awael school you can also join our classes...

Al-Awael School


Al Awael, Cité Cheikh El Tahar N°3, Orangerie Nouvelle, Annaba, 23000, Algeria.

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